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Jun 04 , 2021

Professional Makeup Artist

Professional Makeup and Hair Artist, with over 15 years of experience and training in all styles of makeup and hair. Being the lead artist on many different production sets and working with many celebrity clients, as well as; giving mommy makeovers and glamming up teens on their special events, has helped acquire the skills it takes to master her craft. Arcy believes we are all carrying a Diva inside of us, we sometimes just need to see it ourselves. Beauty is all about you having the confidence to say this is who I AM, I don’t ever compare myself because I’m like no other! Dare to trust the Artist, and she'll turn you into a Diva! ​ "I encourage you to be BOLD and trust me to help you, unleash the Diva you carry within" - Arcy IG @arcysloveformakeup

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