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Edits for posts are self-service and user friendly. Simply click on the upper right hamburger icon to edit, save, delete, share, or report a post.

When you create an account, you will automatically have notifications turned on to receive alerts near you. To turn off, simply go to your settings on your profile to update.

Click on the upper right navigation bar. It will direct you to the top of your profile to choose an option.

Featuring your post will put you on the top of the list and get noticed first. FP is also more affordable than most advertisement sites.

Yes, it's always free to post. Start by choosing a category that fits you best according to your location and add details.

Simply click on the button that says (Feature post) when you create a free post. If you miss it, you can always go back when you edit to subscribe.

Just click on the (create free post) tab. Choose a category that fits you best and add details.

Simple click on the (Sign up) tab. There it will direct you to join FP to create a quick account. You will receive an email to verify your account.

Go to your profile, click "settings" go to "notifications" and click Chatting off.

Simply just click on the tab (Find) add the location or look under the categories.

To make your account private: Go to your profile. Click on the hamburger menu on the right corner of the profile cover. Click "make account private"

Members that have a subscription plan will receive a golden star badge next to their username.

At any time you cancel your subscription, the badge comes off, unless you decide to renew it again. Your post will also be removed from the homepage and be placed under the free popular post section.

- Share - Make purchases - Tell your friends and family - Connect - Buy a gift card for later - Write a review - Check in - Tag -Mention

Your blog is your sacred place to network and support each other. Discuss topics you like, share the Love , and Inspirations.

Note: Politics and news will be prohibited. Positive vibes allowed only on FindersPage.

Yes, it will only be viewable to the member. However, the member may turn on or off the comment section at any time.

Yes, reviews will be optional for the shopping section and business page to showcase. Members can turn on or off their reviews if they don't want feedback from their clients too.
Note: If you want to get more interactions and build traffic flow, it's best to not hide your reviews from the public.

Simply click on the members page on the menu bar or on their post. You may click on the members logo to view the profile and connect. Connections are private to the members only. If you want to report a member or block, simply click on the right upper hamburger icon to do so.

A verified badge is a tool to help people find the real accounts of people and brands. If an account has the verified badge, we’ve confirmed that it represents who it says it does. You will have to follow the steps on your account to become verified. A verified badge is not a symbol to show importance, authority or subject matter expertise.

There are no refunds whatsoever for the subscriptions and bump post. As stated on the terms of use and email confirmation with receipt you receive after placing the order. No refunds either If you decide to cancel your subscription early. However your post will still be up for the remainder of the time you have left on your subscription. That is unless you decide to delete it before then. It will be removed completely from the feature section. Thank you for understanding.

Pinned blogs offer a curated introduction to your brand and ensure users know who you are and what you do after scrolling through your first three blogs. Pinned blogs boost the reach and engagement of your most important pieces of content.

The eye emoji is to notify you the number of views. Note: Number of views are only viewable to you for privacy reasons.

Yes public users can contact you from your posts if you choose to make your contact information public. Note : You have the option to show public or keep private from public users that are not registered on the site.

FindersPage mini videos is a way for anyone to connect with a new audience using just a smartphone and the mini camera in the FindersPage app. FindersPage mini creation tools makes it easy to create mini videos that are up to 60 seconds long with our multi-segment camera.

To join FindersPage you have to be at-least 17 years of age to Join.
Note: Further verification will be requested if needed.

The red dot is to notify your connections that you have created a new post. It gets there attention to click on your notification and be directed to your post.

Some type of categories may have an associated fee. You're allowed to auto repost as well to be placed at the top. To cancel a subscription or auto repost, you must log in and disable the auto repost option before the ad expires.

You have the option to make your comments private, so they are only visible to you. This way comments will be hidden from the public. Or you can make your comments visible to the public. You can do it from the edit section on your post. Comments have an edit , turn off comments, delete , and report button. Note: Any members that are reported with bad behavior will be banned from FindersPage. FindersPage does not tolerate any bullying. Remember to keep comments respectful and follow the guidelines you agreed to

Long videos are longer then 60 seconds. Usually 10 mins or longer.

Users are allowed to post up to 10 images at a time using the carousel feature, which is also known as multi-image posts. This feature can help users highlight their images in their profile , tag people, or showcase an array of products and ideas in a single blog. To post multiple pictures, users can: Go to the device's gallery, Select all images to upload, Write a description and hashtags.
Note: When users go back to edit their blog they're allowed to remove images , but cannot upload any more . And atleast one image has to stay up all times , otherwise you can delete and create a new post.

No, FindersPage will not pay you because you've earned 1k or 10k, or 1 million followers. But the platform will surely open doors of opportunities for you to earn through your content once you attain 1000 followers. How do you start off as an influencer?
1. Select Your Niche.
2. Optimize Your Social Media Profiles.
3. Understand Your Audience.
4. Create and Post Relevant Content.
5. Be Regular and Consistent.
6. Engage With Your Audience.
7. Let Brands Know You're Open to Collaborations.

Your free listing placed under jobs, real estate, community, shopping, services, or entertainment will expire after 44 days. If you renew it before the 44 days is up, your listing will stay up for another 44 days. So a little over a month, so you're not stressed. FindersPage wants you to be happy.
Note: Blogs, videos, business page, story time, and fundraiser have no expiration date .