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I am posting this post for a sample in Finders Page

test dimsy

by Riya Thakur | Sep 15, 2022

Units : 2

Bathrooms: 2

Garage : 6

Area Sq Ft: 500 Sq Ft

Year Built: 2022

Apply Now

Required experience:

• Experience designing, building and executing multiple Google PPC ad campaigns (paid search, display ads and ideally Local Service Ads also) for real estate niche within last 12-18 months
• Experience identifying keyword opportunities, including negative keywords using search term data
• Understands the impact of page performance on ad costs and how to effectively test and make recommendations to improve (you do not need to know how to actually made the page optimizations though)
• Knows which campaign type to select depending on the objectives and how to maximize ad spend for low CPLs
• Experience creating optimal campaign structures that can easily be customized/duplicated per client
• Understands which specific phrases and activities must be avoided to remain compliant and how to deal with account compliance issues
• Troubleshooting expert who knows the most common mistakes that impact results/KPIs