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How can I edit my Post?

Edits are self-service and user friendly. Simply click on the upper right hamburger icon to edit, save, delete, share, or report...


How do I turn off Notifications?

When you create an account, you will automatically have notifications turned on for Blog, Posts, and Chats to receive alerts near you. To turn off, simply go to your settings on your profile to update. Note: I suggest to keep it on, so you may find what you are looking for.


How can I edit my Profile/Account?

Click on the upper right navigation bar. It will direct you to the top of your profile to choose an option.


Why is it beneficial for me to Feature my Post on Finders Page ?

Featuring your Post on the Homepage will put you on the top and get noticed first. FP is also more affordable than most sites.


Is the Category section Free to post?

Yes it's always Free to post under the Category section. Start by choosing a category that fits you best according to your location and add details.


How do I Feature my Post on the Homepage?

Simply click on the tab that says (Be Featured on the homepage) under the category section when you create a free post. It's optional of course.

Note: Feature posts on the homepage is a monthly subscription. You can cancel anytime.


How do I create my FREE Post on FindersPage?

Just click on the (Create Free Post) tab. Choose a category that fits you best and add details.


How do I join FindersPage?

Simple click on the (It's Free to join!) tab or login bar. There it will direct you to join FP to create a quick account.

Note: Posts will always be viewable to the public. The only time you have to join is when you're ready to Advertise. 


How do I turn off messages from other members?

Go to your profile, click "settings" go to "notifications" and click Chatting off.


How do you Search for something?

Simply just click on the tab (Find) add the location or look under the categories. Anyone can search, it's viewable to the public.


Making your account Private?

To make your account private: Go to your profile. Click on the hamburger menu on the right corner of the profile cover. Click "make account private"


How do I receive the Golden Star Badge next to my account name?

Members that have a subscription Post on the Feature Home page will receive a Golden Star badge.

Note: At anytime you cancel your subscription, the badge comes off, unless you renew it.


How to Support a Business for Free?

- Share a post

- Make purchases

- Tell your friends and family

- Follow

- Ask a question

- Buy a gift card for later

- Write a review

- Make a comment


What's allowed and not allowed on the Blog?

Your Blog is your sacred place to Network & Support each other. Discuss topics you like, Share the Love, Inspirations, Motivate...

Politics and News will be prohibited. Positive vibes allowed only.


Are the questions, comments, followers and views private?

Yes, it will only be viewable to the member. However, the member may be disabled at anytime.


Are reviews optional on the Post to showcase?

Yes, Reviews will be optional. However, the members can turn off/on their Review's anytime if they wish to on their Post.​


How do I view Members?

Simply click on the members page on the menu bar or off their Post. You may click on the members logo to view the profile, contact, or follow/unfollow. Followers are private to the members only. If you want to report a member or block, simply click on the right upper hamburger icon to do so.  ​​


How do I bump my post on the free category page?

Simply click on the right upper hamburger icon off your post to edit, there you will have the option to bump your post for the day.

Note: Clients like seeing fresh posts. So be sure to bump multiple times a day. More bumps = more texts/emails/calls you will attract. Your only allowed 1 bump per post per hour. And every four days your allowed 1 bump for free only.   ​​


What is the "Available Now" light for and allowed to be used?

The "Available Now' light is used for the business page, to show customers you are taking appointments, etc.. You have the option to turn on or off.

Note: The "Available Now" light is only allowed for members that have a subscription on the homepage or when they bump there post on the free category page.​​