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Public Figure/Entrepreneur

Founder/CEO of FindersPage


The world knows me to be the Founder/CEO of FindersPage. A small-time girl from the country. I was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised at my parent's ranch in Texas until my teens. I’m of Indigenous descent, including (Coahuiltecan) and Wales, England ancestry. Later in life, I ventured off to explore the world. I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart. From a healer, spiritual leader, and now the creator of FindersPage. I never liked working for others, so it’s important for me to be my own boss. I grew up fast, yet humbled. I thank my wonderful parents for raising me to become an ambitious woman. Even though they were a little strict, I gotta love them for it. It wasn't easy for me at times, but eventually I found my purpose in life. I can relate with humanity and the struggles they have endured. I believe in my heart we are here on Earth to reach our fullest potential. Everyone has a gift to share. It's important to take care of our souls holistically; meeting every part with compassion and love. Together we can rise to live a life full of balance and joy. We learn and grow from our experiences to become better human beings. When the earth becomes off course and unbalanced, it causes a lot of chaos and disruptions in our solar system. It is my job and other starseeds to help bring back balance for the sake of our humanity. Be a beacon of hope, to fulfill my duty, and plant the seeds for the new era to come. Leave a legacy behind for my family.

"Based on my upbringings and experiences I've encountered I'm able to give back to help humanity in all walks of life through my career. I Reclaim my throne and rule my Empire as a Fierce Divine Feminine Leader."

I’ll continue to be a vessel. I am forever grateful for life and loved ones close to me.


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